Sunday, August 15, 2010

two boys and a girl

Meet 2 of the best big brothers in the world( second to mine of course).  They adore their new little sister.  They look at her in awe and hold her so gently, all the while arguing who gets to hold her. I have a feeling she will be well taken care of and well protected when she grows up, but we won't talk about that now. We'll enjoy the tiny, sweet bundle of joy she is today.


  1. get it girl! these are SO cute! i have literally looked at every photo on here. im so glad i got to meet you and hang out at cal's rehearsal! can't wait to see the pictures! :)

  2. also, saw on one of your posts about watermarking. have you tried picnik yet? SO easy :)

  3. Michele!! All of your pictures are so good! I am little late discovering them but my favorite is when all three kids are lying down and looking at her...absolutely precious!! You have a great skill!