Wednesday, June 23, 2010

25 yeas later...

I had so much fun last week capturing the moments of friends and classmates seeing each other for the first time, for some of them, in 15 years. Oliver Springs High School Class of 1985 had their twenty-five year reunion last weekend. They were all smiles enjoying each others company, and they even skyped with a classmate who was in South Africa at the time!

Skyping to South Africa. Technology is amazing!!
Watching their last reunion (10 yr) video

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bye bye balloons

This was a fun shoot with lots of laughs! Let me tell you about one of our many laughs. I stopped to buy the balloons on the way, but realize I have noting to keep them from flying away. I begin looking in my car to find something heavy enough to hold them down... Perfect!! I find an eyelash curler. I know I know everyone has one in their car right? Then i figure out it is not heavy enough to hold the balloons down so naturally I attach my dress watch. Heavy enough? Great! We get to the location and I am firing away. I stop to look at what I had so far and hear "ugh oh..... " I look up and the balloons are O about 100 feet in the air!!! So all of that to say I got about 8 pictures with the balloons! Enjoy the others!

bye bye balloons

Her face watching the balloons fly away

On to hide-and-seek!!

I love how you can see them and their footprints in the picture.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

gorgeous glee

I have been waiting to put these pics up for a while now and I am so excited! I posted a sneak peak a while back but couldn't post a complete post just yet. This couples friend gave them the engagement shoot as a wedding gift and she didn't want me to post pictures until she had given them their pictures. This couple was so fun and once we got to talking she told me that most of the pictures they had were of them being goofy. So I decided that we would take some fun pictures, and hopefully I would catch them being goofy at some point and give them those as well. They were so so sweet and so fun to work with! Here they are.

Last but not least.... my favorite

This will be......

I had the joy of taking some pictures for this beautiful couple during their wedding rehearsal! This was my first time to shoot a rehearsal and I loved every minute of it! I had so much fun capturing these moments so they can remember them forever. I attended their wedding the next night and it was perfect! The ceremony was centered around the Love that Christ has for each of us and it was so special. I was glad that I could enjoy the ceremony, but kept thinking about the pictures I would be taking if I were the photographer. Lauren and Tyler are perfect for each other and I am so excited for them!

The Church is absolutely BEAUTIFUL

My FAVORITE!! I love her sweet smile

Talking to the ring bearer and flower girl

....An everlasting love

Congratulations Lauren and Tyler!!!