Saturday, April 3, 2010

10k? Yes Please!!

This past weekend some friends and I went to Charleston, South Carolina to run in the Cooper River Bridge Run. The CRBR is a 10k that starts in Mt. Pleasant crosses a 2 mile bridge (half of it up hill) and ends in the heart of downtown Charleston. It was my first race and when I crossed the finish line my thought process was #1. When is the next race? #2. Where do I sign up? #3. I did it! Needless to say I LOVED IT! I encourage each of you to run one! Once you run one you will want to run as many as you can. I considered running the half Marathon in Nashville in April, but decided that financially that was not a good decision right now so I am saving for next year! We spent the rest of our weekend relaxing and enjoying each others company. Here are a few pictures I took of downtown, Rainbow Row and the Battery.

Don't know exactly what time these 2 pictures were taken, but I do know that we got up at 5:45 a.m. so that we could drive to the start line! (NO, we're not crazy! but we might have a loose screw)

Some of these were taken out of the car window while we were moving so forgive the tilts and the blur :)

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  1. I really like your blog. Your background is so cute. Love the photos!