Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bye bye balloons

This was a fun shoot with lots of laughs! Let me tell you about one of our many laughs. I stopped to buy the balloons on the way, but realize I have noting to keep them from flying away. I begin looking in my car to find something heavy enough to hold them down... Perfect!! I find an eyelash curler. I know I know everyone has one in their car right? Then i figure out it is not heavy enough to hold the balloons down so naturally I attach my dress watch. Heavy enough? Great! We get to the location and I am firing away. I stop to look at what I had so far and hear "ugh oh..... " I look up and the balloons are O about 100 feet in the air!!! So all of that to say I got about 8 pictures with the balloons! Enjoy the others!

bye bye balloons

Her face watching the balloons fly away

On to hide-and-seek!!

I love how you can see them and their footprints in the picture.

Happy Tuesday!

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